• Preparation of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and correction to Student Aid Reports
  • Preparation of CSS Financial Aid Profile Application and IDOC (if applicable)
  • Preparation of New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), Excelsior/Enhanced Program (if applicable)
  • Preparation of College Institutional and Verification forms
  • Appeal letters (if required)
  • All loan application forms including loan requests, loan counseling and Master Promissory Notes

We do not complete Business Supplement forms.  They must be completed by an accountant

For EACH new school year, the following items should be brought with you to your appointment:

  • Most RECENT COPY of Federal and State Tax Returns both for student and parent, including W-2’s. You must bring copies of Federal and State tax returns for our files. We do not photocopy returns
  • Business owners please bring your latest business tax return
  • A rough estimate of current year unreimbursed medical expenses for entire family
  • Student and parent Social Security Numbers and dates of birth
  • Mortgage information on primary residence: year purchased, remaining mortgage (may be estimated)
  • List of colleges student applied to or wishes to attend
  • Previous financial aid forms if they were filled out, as well as FSA ID usernames and passwords if you already have them and College Board login username and password
  • Rough estimate of current value of savings and investments for student and parents (do not include retirement or insurance assets: i.e. IRA, KEOGH, and tax deferred annuities)
  • Both parents driver’s license numbers

“When you do just one thing, you better make sure you do it right”
Filing the FAFSA is free at